What Is Keeping You From Earning A Steady Income As A Domain Reseller?

For enjoying a good and steady income from your hosting reselling business, you need to offer high-quality plans with excellent after-sales experience. It will assure you a distinct reputation and better sales opportunities. If you have also started your hosting reselling business but haven’t started earning a decent income yet, then this blog can help you with some practical tips on how to gain maximum business rewards as a web hosting reseller:

Service efficiency of your parent host

Service efficiency plays a vital role in establishing a good rapport with your clients and emerges as reliable services provide. So, be careful while choosing your parent host. Ensure that it holds a good market reputation and has a wide experience. Avoid the newbies as their services have not yet been used by many and this you don’t have enough reviews to make an informed decision

  • The reputed hosting providers have built a strong identity for themselves and would not compromise with their hard-earned reputation by offering substandard services
  • Branded parent host has enough resources to support the growing infrastructure/services without affecting the quality
  • Progressive thinking of top brands enables them to adopt the latest technologies, techniques, and standards that invariably boost the potential of resellers


Carefully choose specific plans to resell

There are various web hosting plans that are suitable for different clients catering to their specific needs. As a hosting reseller, you would find it difficult to offer all types of plans to different clients while maintaining the same service quality. So, it is highly advisable to start small and keep on adding more plans as you grow:


  • It is advisable to start with the shared hosting plans that are easy to sell, and the clients aren’t very demanding
  • Strengthen the relations with your existing clients to build trust as it will encourage them to buy more services/resources from you as their business grows
  • Depending upon the collective demand for specific hosting plans you can also buy in bulk volume that will effectively reduce the costs allowing you to increase your profits
  • To ethically increase the tenure of your clients, you can work out a strategy for offering cost benefits on long term contracts



Offer top of the class customer services

Customer service plays a vital role in creating the experience of your clients and building a distinct reputation for you. As a subscription-based service with fluctuating demands, web hosting directly impacts the business of your customers. Lack of prompt and precise solution can result in slow speed and downtimes thus annoying your clients and getting you negative reviews. So be highly careful about the support services.

  • Make sure that your parent host has enough support executives to take care of the wide-ranging issues right from troubleshooting queries to downtime issues during peak sales time
  • Many hosting providers outsource the support service to the third-party service providers, but it lacks quality and commitment. Prefer the parent hosts that have recruited an in-house support team
  • As you start growing and earning a good reputation, it is advisable to steadily start recruiting your support team as well instead of being fully dependent on support executives of your parent host


Don’t sound pushy

One of the major weaknesses of many hosting resellers is overselling. In order to make the quick profits they start overselling their plans on the website. It annoys the clients and affects your reputations by presenting your image as a business-minded service provider.

  • Don’t keep the maximum duration as the default duration as it will intimidate the clients with a limited budget
  • Offering additional services like whois guard or domain protection during the checkout can appeal to some clients but make sure that they are not auto selected as it will inflate the base amount of the invoice and leave the client puzzled
  • Instead of crowding your digital store with too many plans it is advisable to offer the traditional plans that you can capably manage without any issues
  • Don’t keep on adding too many clients as each sale comes with a responsibility. Having dozens of clients during the initial period may look attractive but it will multiply your stress if you lack the resources or capability to meet their varying needs.


Due to high competition and numerous choices, it has become more difficult to claim a distinct position or constantly gain decent rewards as a hosting reseller. However, if you carefully plan your journey as a friendly and reliable hosting provider that the clients can easily trust it can help you in building quick rapport and quality reputation. We have shared some of the actionable tips to maximize your business opportunities as a hosting provider. You may not be able to follow all the tips, but it is advisable to select the ones that seem most feasible for you to enjoy constant business benefits as hosting reseller.