Top 5 Free Tools For Scanning Your Website Against Malware

In this digital age your website is as valuable as your physical business real estate and thus it needs the same level of security. One of the major nightmares of the website owners is finding dangerous malware on their site that may have probably done much harm before being detected. The good news is that now you can easily scan your site for the presence of such malware without paying any hefty price. In fact, you don’t have to pay any amount at all to get your site fully scanned by some of the Industry’s reputed brands. Besides, these free security tools are also capable of stopping or eradicating the malware/other security threats and diagnose the existing malicious elements of different types. So, here we present the comprehensive list of various tools that scan your site, identify the present or potential issues and also diagnose the problem- all for free!


Comodo’s Web Inspector

Comodo utilizes its sophisticated Web Inspector tool to scan your site for the various types of malware and other threats. Though available free, the tool perfectly justifies its name as it is loaded with the in-depth capabilities to inspect various present and possible vulnerabilities that can put your website at risk.

Web Inspector not only guarantees accurate online scanning for various types of malware but also furnishes the comprehensive report on phishing worms and other threats. That’s not all. Taking its capabilities further the tool also allows you to remove the malware and repair the hacked website by using malware removal and hacking repair features of the tool.

Various types of threats that you can scan with the help of a web inspector include Malware downloads, blacklisting, Worms, phishing, Trojans, and Heuristic Viruses.



If you need an end to end scanning for your CMS based website then Quttera could be the ideal choice for you. It is fully capable of offering the uniform meticulous performance on a number of popular as well as new CMS platforms. If your site has already been targeted by the malware then too this tool can help your site by using its disinfectant capabilities.

One more USP of the tool is that it also helps you with its detailed report including the comprehensive list of elements. It includes but not limited to:

  • Malicious files details
  • Identified external links
  • Clean file details
  • Blacklisting reporting
  • Suspicious files.
    Quterra works on a number of CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, and Bulletin.


Sucuri is another major name in the list that offers extensive malware scanning and removal facilities to the website owners without charging them. It is the premium quality of its malware features that make it a strong contender on this list. Whether you are running an e-commerce site on Magento or own a Wordpress blog, the Sucuri can be the best option for you to perform a free malware scanning test without compromising on the quality. After a thorough scanning, the Sucuri releases a detailed yet simple to understand report that includes injected spam reports, defacement's (change in the website’s external features), Malware presence etc.



If you are looking for a free yet reliable tool that can scan your website and offer an excellent, multifaceted scanning evaluating the diverse aspects of your site, then MalCare can be the best option for you. The tool’s capability can be estimated by the fact that as many as 20,000+ sites rely on MalCare to detect and uproot the malware. It is also loaded with required stamina to clean up the infected site with just a single click. To be precise as many as 100 different signals are used to detect various types of malware with varying degrees of complexity.


Siteguarding not only guards your site against any present or possible threats but also helps you scan various types of domain malware and website blacklisting instances. The tools work equally fine for various types of platforms including the popular CMS as Wordpress and Drupal. The premium features and capabilities of site guarding tools allow it to offer expert scanning and removal services.

The tool is loaded with advanced qualities to scan your website for the presence and possibility of domain malware, blacklisting incidence or website defacement. Along with alarming you about the presence of harmful malware on your site the tool also empowers you with efficient and sharp features for eradicating the same. The tool’s capabilities are further multiplied by the high-grade site antivirus and a competent website firewall that safeguard your site against any possible intrusion in the future. The tool allows you to perform deep scanning of each page of your website and offers individual security solutions for the same. Thus we can say that it is the best solution for the websites that are looking for tailor-made security solutions for different pages of their site.

The tool outpaces its closest competitors on several key aspects, for example, its smart features allow the tool to identify the new threats, vulnerabilities, and potential malware and immediately release a competent antivirus for the new threats and worms thanks to its dynamic capabilities.


With the escalating incidents of malware and other cybersecurity threats, it has become imperative to scan your site for the malware and take immediate action. In this blog, we have mentioned several free yet highly capable tools to scan your site for the presence of this malware and allow you to take quick actions.