SSD VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting which is better

In order to get the best rewards out of your website, you need to buy a web hosting plan that perfectly meets the specific requirements of your site. There is several hosting plans available in the market. Especially during the present years, the traditional hosting plans have further been empowered by blending the latest technology. For instance, the limitations of shared hosting plans were overcome by cloud hosting plans that offer the best scalability along with better resource availability. Likewise, more recently the VPS hosting plan gained an extra edge with SSD VPS hosting plans that combine the combo power of VPS and super-fast SSD hosting. So, it would be interesting to know how this new technology fares when compared to cloud hosting. In this blog we will present a realistic comparison between cloud hosting and VPS SSD hosting:





SSD VPS Hosting

When you buy SSD VPS hosting plan you get the complete root access that offers you extended control over key aspects like OS and software’s that allows you to customize your website without restrictions.

  • The virtual isolation allows you to exercise the freedom that is comparable to the dedicated server in many ways.
  • However, your OS choice is determined by the types of virtual hosting machine utilized by your web hosting provider.
  • In other words, if it runs only a single virtual hosting machine then your OS choices will be limited. You may need to compromise especially if you require windows systems as most of the hosts provide a Linux system instead of windows systems for VPS hosting.
  • The rate of data transfer is determined by the time to take by the disk to read and write. SSD’s process does not depend on any moving parts that result in almost instant reading and writing accelerating the data transfer speed.
  • So it perfectly supports the traffic surges without affecting the site performance or speed. By adding a few more resources the clients can also host a significant number of media files including lengthy videos and images.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting enables you with better customization capabilities by allowing you with additional privileges like customizing firewalls, IP addresses, load balancing, and even architecture.

  • Besides you get a better OS choice too as you can comfortably choose between windows and Linux clouds as per your wish and requirements.
  • In order to realize the maximum potential of cloud network you need would most possibly need better technical knowledge about configuration technicalities to suit the ecosystem requirements of cloud that is more complicated than the traditional VPS hosting.



SSD VPS Hosting

With SSD VPS hosting you get limited scaling capabilities that are determined by the physical server and the number of resources in your package. You might get additional resources to meet some modest requirements, but the quantity is limited by the capacity of your physical host.

  • For accessing more resources, you would need to buy them at extra cost.
  • During site migration process you can also encounter downtimes that may affect your site performance.

Cloud Hosting

The high scalability is the major USP of cloud hosting and it means then you can seamlessly add more resources to meet your site requirements in the real time.

  • Multiple servers also facilitate unlimited data storage and processing power
  • The multi-server environment of cloud hosting is fully capable of seamlessly supporting your site during the instances of traffic spikes
  • In short, it can be said that you have a massive pile of standby resources that can instantly be accessed as and when the need arises.



SSD VPS Hosting

To meet heavy performance requirements your server needs intense processing power at with SSD VPS hosting you can buy only limited resources that can put a cap over your server performance.

  • So, your site performance during such crucial times may suffer if your plan doesn’t have the required amount of resources
  • If the physical host is unable to meet the requirements of the server then your site is most likely to suffer
  • Failure of the physical host invariably affects every VPS account residing on that host causing downtimes or even more severe damages to these sites
  • Thus, VPS hosting has a disadvantage of a single point of failure
  • However, the reputed hosting provider might offer you an almost seamless transfer to other healthy servers in such situations.
  • SSD does not require the physical mechanical movement that significantly increases the processing speeds resulting is extremely fast data accessibility.

Cloud Hosting

As the cloud hosting works in a multi-server ecosystem it promises a massive amount of standby resources that can be tapped almost instantly as and when the requirements surge, or server fails.

  • It can respond nicely to the server failure instances as the functional requirements can be transferred to another server with zero downtime.
  • Likewise, other vital resources like memory or CPU capabilities can also be increased instantly to meet your requirements that is a real asset for the site owners especially for the sites with frequent and heavy fluctuations.



SSD VPS Hosting

Due to its virtually isolated ecosystem, the SSD VPS is capable of offering the security that is comparable with the dedicated server. Even while multiple sites reside on the same physical host each of them is independent of the neighbour effect

  • Besides, the reputed hosting providers also employ the stringent security measures for protecting the virtual machines from hackers and malware
  • The centralized location also allows your site to perfectly follow the compliance rules for strictly aligning to the regulation of data security while storing data of critical importance.
  • Due to the innovative flash technology that it uses for reading and writing the data, SSD is almost immune to the premature wear and tear irrespective of the workload or processing requirements. Hence your data enjoy an extra layer of security when you use SSD VPS hosting.

Cloud Hosting

While the cloud hosting also follows stringent security measures, it operates in a more open web-based environment that may make it difficult to strictly impose the security checks during specific conditions socially during large scale migrations.

  • During such instances, the security levels suffer, and your site is more prone to hacking or intrusions.
  • Besides as the servers reside in multiple locations you may find it difficult to follow data security compliances.



While SSD VPS hosting offers you the same level of security performance and privacy that is comparable with dedicated hosting, it is comparatively much cheaper.

  • Besides, as you buy the specific quantity of resources it promises a predictable cost model that can help you to decide the most cost-effective plan for your requirements
  • It also allows you to have better control over your budget.
  • SSD uses stable memory chips that consume less power thus saving the electricity.
  • So, in many aspects, we can say that the SSD hosting saves your dollars spent on powering your hosting and it also supports green technology.


Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting works on PAYG or pay as you go, model, where the costs predetermined by the number of resources you require. Besides the complex networking requirements might also increase the overall costs.

  • Basically, when the traffic surges or your site runs heavy applications the cloud hosting instantly allocates the required resources to support your site, but you will have to pay for using that extra quantity of resources.
  • It can bring price surprises especially if your site experiences a frequent instance of fluctuations or has an unpredictable traffic flow.
  • It also makes it difficult to allocate a fixed budget towards your hosting requirements.


Business Benefits

While the above points mention the performance benefits of cloud hosting and SSD VPS hosting, you would be interested in knowing about the more specific business benefits of each type of hosting. Let us know:

Business Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Save costs with Pay as you go model and savings on infrastructure and management
  • Collaborate efficiently with smooth running servers and multi-server capabilities
  • Augment productivity with load balancing and better traffic management
  • Get rid of software updates as all the software updates would be managed by the provider
  • Enjoy the power of scaling by adding more servers to support the surging resource needs

Business Benefits of SSD VPS Hosting

  • Boost your site’s speed and make it client friendly with SSD’s significantly high speed
  • Save your Power costs as SSD consumes significantly less power
  • Enjoy better data security as SSD is also immune to the effects of vibrations or drops
  • Enjoy better reliability with dedicated virtual resources of VPS that are always yours
  • Safeguard your business interests with the privacy and security that is nearly comparable to a dedicated server but available at very economical costs
  • Make most out of the opportunities by maximum availability
  • Get the root access to the server for better site customization to suit the business needs
  • Enjoy better data backup and recovery services buy buying managed VPS hosting



The recent years have seen a number of innovative web hosting plans. While cloud hosting has already been there for some years now the newer and more recent innovations like SSD VPS cloud hosting are also getting a good response. In this blog, we have presented honest and unbiased views on Cloud vs. VPS SSD hosting.