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EverData strongly believes in the power of entrepreneurship. It generates a feeling of ownership and encourages people to take complete responsibility for their actions and decisions. It allows them to explore their hidden talent and skills to give their best to whatever they do. That’s why we treat our entire family of employees, partners, and resellers as individual entrepreneurs who are fully eligible to take ownership of their endeavors to deliver the best results. What all they need is a little guidance and direction, and we are always there to provide them the best support whenever they need. It has helped us in transforming our employees into professional experts, partners into reliable business allies and resellers into independent brands.

Starting from today, we have decided to share the real-life stories and achievements of our in-house team, resellers, and partners and how did EverData contribute in their personal or entrepreneurial development. The first story in the series is of Mr. Sandeep Kumar, an experienced digital entrepreneur who provides a wide array of digital services to meet the demand of diverse clientele at affordable prices.


How EverData partner program helped me turn into a successful digital entrepreneur- By Sandeep Kumar

Web hosting services are one of the best selling services in the digital landscape because every digital journey starts with a website and you need web hosting plans to publish your site worldwide. To meet the worldwide demands for hosting plans, the reputed web hosting companies partner with global resellers to widen their reach. One such reputed hosting industry is EverData Technologies. Today, I will share my real life experience with EverData Partner program during my entire reseller hosting journey so far.

My name is Sandeep Kumar and I have joined EverData partner program as a hosting reseller. I am very pleased with my decision to start my reselling business with such a reliable brand in the hosting industry.  There are various ways in which EverData has helped me to gain business benefits:


Freedom to set my own price

The revenue of any business depends on the pricing of the product. Every entrepreneur has different objectives and strategies when it comes to pricing their products. Some entrepreneurs want to gear up sales volumes by keeping prices to the minimum while others would love to concentrate on premium clients who can afford to pay a premium price tag for fully managed services. Likewise, you need to change the prices as per the sales performance and introduce seasonal discounts.

EverData allows me to set my own pricing without any restrictions. It has not only helped me to align my prices to suit my target audience but I can also modify them as per the requirement. For instance, I can lower down the prices during seasonal promos and reset them back to the original when the season is over. Likewise, in the case of managed services or personalized requirements, I can again scale my price to align with the package inclusions.


Easy but efficient storefront

Your digital storefront determines the first impact on your visitors. It should not only be appealing to the eye but also offers an easy navigation/browsing experience to the visitors. EverData offered me a professional storefront that is attractive, easy and efficient…and yes I can customize it to suit my brand. It helps my customers to select the plan that perfectly aligns with their needs and they can buy it online via a simple online purchase process. The hassle-free operations and zero learning curve further add to their buying experience.


The USP: Automated functions for different purposes

As a reseller, I especially liked the automated functions for various purposes as it saves time and efforts while enhancing accuracy. It is so easy that even the non-technical resellers can operate it without any issues.


Best white label support

Right form technical support and server management to the high-quality technical assistance to my clients, EverData has offered the complete white label support that has helped my company to acquire a strong position as a reliable hosting provider. Especially the quick resolution period and clear solutions provided by the Everdata’s support experts have helped me to fully satisfy some of my niche clients.


What I have to say about EverData Partner Program?

For a long time, I had been searching for a parent host to start my own reselling business but could not find the right partner. Thankfully I came across EverData partner program that seemed to be the perfect partner to start my reselling business with. Along with the costs and complimentary e-commerce tools I also like its beautiful storefront due to its professional and visually appealing design.

Most importantly, the EverData partner program offers the complete entrepreneurial support to their resellers while providing the prompt and reliable support as and when required that has helped me to maintain the right balance between learning and progress.