How to Start your Own Cloud Hosting Business ?

Due to its wide popularity, the cloud hosting services are utilized by a number of businesses across the globe. It is one of the most flourishing businesses of the current century and promises even better opportunities in the future. So, if you are a technical person having an interest in hosting industry and want to really make it big in terms of reputation and revenue then cloud hosting business might be the best option for you. However, there are a few things to remember before you start your own cloud hosting business:

  • Start Big

  • Choose the right Hardware

  • Infrastructure for data replication

  • Design how the clients will access the data

  • Design how the clients will access the data

  • Educate yourself

  • Figure out how to approach big companies

Start Big

In some businesses, you need to start big and the cloud is certainly one among them. You should have the adequate infrastructure to store huge amounts of data comfortably. Many companies prefer cloud storage as they deal with huge, humongous amounts of data. In absence of adequate infrastructure, you won’t be able to acquire big customers. With some luck, you may manage to sell your services to small businesses but may not be able to retain them as they start growing big. Such shaky grounds don’t make a good base for a profitable business. Simply put, start it in a big way.

Choose the right Hardware

Opt for commodity hardware as you would need huge volumes and buying “supercomputers” or sorts would only inflate your initial investment. Business loses its appeal for the owner when one takes considerably long time to recover the initial capital. The best thing is that as your need grows you can integrate these hardware pieces to design a more complicated computing environment. The cost is favorable and other 3 factors- quality quantity and capacity are easily scalable. That’s a good start and promises a strong foundation for growth too. Compared to their more sophisticated branded counterparts, commodity hardware costs really low and saving 50% or even more is not rare. Any dip in the cost is your gain in the profits.

Keep future requirements in mind while designing the scalable storage infrastructure for the back-end. You should be able to promptly scale up or redesign your infrastructure to accommodate your clients’ demands.

Infrastructure for data replication

Data is dear to all the businesses. Offer your clients a dependable data protection by employing required resources. An ideal infrastructure for a cloud business should be able to replicate the sites. Multiple replications will save the site from going down and losing the data. The best way is to have an off-site facility where you replicate and store the data. It comes handy during disaster recovery procedure.

Design how the clients will access the data

As you have set up your cloud business it is necessary to figure out how should you client access the backend data at your data center. You can opt for the specific software that allows your clients to make an entry to their backend storage. However, if you really want to add more convenience, then opt for the companies that offer storage infrastructure as well as data access facilities. By blending protocol part and back-end division these companies actually sell you the entire cloud storage infrastructure that just requires you to plug in. That’s fairly uncomplicated.

Educate yourself

You need to educate yourself really well and figure out how to interpret core technical terminology and processes in business terms before going to the market. Avoid jargons as that may alienate your potential clients. Speak in terms of business benefits: cost reduction, productivity, streamlined processes, better management, etc. Such language would appeal to businesses and keep them engaged. Go for real life examples or true case studies but ensure that it shouldn’t affect your own brand or allow the client to compare you with XYZ companies. Approaching startups and small businesses can be more rewarding in the beginning- in terms of success rate. The hierarchy curve is small and you don’t have to go through a complicated rigorous process. It’s pretty simple, convince the key professionals to make an entry to CEO’s cabin, do some bargaining ritual and make a deal. In some cases, the process could be a bit more detailed and in some cases little less but overall it isn’t a very complicated procedure.

Figure out how to approach big companies

Prepare carefully before approaching big companies as that’s where you can see the highest revenue. Research very well on the possible storage needs the safety guidelines they follow and how can you assure them the complete safety of their data without compromising on scalability, access or functionality. The better you are at explaining how can you combine functionality and convenience with scalability the more chances you have to leave their premises with a signed contract. The best tip: approach them only if you are really equipped with required infrastructure.