How to really excel as a hosting reseller ?

As the internet is getting populated with more and more business, the web hosting business is getting bigger, better and more beneficial. There are tales, the real ones, of small time web hosting companies who saw a huge success within a reasonable period of time. But it is better to walk on the ground. If you have a limited capital and want to earn from web hosting business then you can start become a hosting reseller. It is becoming very popular nowadays and many people are earning a decent income. What’s more, you don’t even need to divert your attention from your regular business/job in the beginning. But understandably there are some important things to consider If you want to make it a viable income option:

What is reseller hosting?

If you want to start a hosting business but don’t have the required capital at your disposal then reseller hosting can be the ideal option for you. There are a number of big, reputed hosting companies that offer you affordable reseller packages that you can further resell to the end clients on a profit. Think of it as a wholesaler-retailer-consumer relationship, with you being the retailer. So, what do you buy from the wholesalers? You buy essential elements of hosting infrastructure like:

Disk space


Email accounts

MySQL database

Add-on domains

Business strategy is a must

There are some key questions to ask yourself: Why would someone prefer you over their existing hosting providers? Why would they take troubles to switch to you? And of course, how would you respond to the market competition?

You are not the only king of this jungle. Thousands of other service providers are out there and some of them have been in the business for many years. So, you should have a close knit business strategy to excel through various hardships while minimizing the negative impact. Here are a few things to remember before you start your journey as a web hosting reseller:

Choose the parent host carefully

As a reseller, your competency is determined by your parent host as they will provide the technical infrastructure and services. Do a deep analysis before choosing the parent host. They should have a good reputation in the market, a wide experience and above all a good clientele. Clients like MNCs, international companies, and huge corporate conglomerates are very particular while selecting hosting providers. If your parent host has been offering services to this particular sector that solidly proves their reliability and dependency. Uptime is of utmost concern for your clients as no one wants their sites to be slowed down, especially during prime time. You might have heard that 99.9% uptime guarantee is more of figures and less of reality. Still, the word “guarantee” shows the confidence and preparedness of your parent host. Anything less than 99.9% is simply unacceptable.

Marketing Endeavors

Reseller hosting is a field that is chock-a-block filled with competitors. You need excellent marketing endeavors if you really want to earn decent revenue out of your reselling business. Start with social media marketing as that is the most rewarding front. Having an in-house dedicated digital marketing team can be very helpful. Invest in quality manpower with vast and varied experience. If the need arises hire digital marketing agencies. Start with both social media marketing as well as SEO but pay more attention to social media marketing initially as that can offer the dual benefit of branding as well as conversion in a reasonable period of time while SEO results take some months to materialize.

Good client services

Good client services determine the customer loyalty. Ensure that your parent host should offer excellent client services. Check their online reviews to determine their client support quality. Go a step further and contact the support team via online and offline mediums. It will give you a direct experience of their customer support services. Ensure that they should offer support services through a maximum number of communication mediums that will offer freedom to clients. If you have adequate resources, you can also employ a technically qualified in-house support team that can bridge the gap between the end client and parent host and speed up the process.

Offer your clients the best customization

Tom’s suit might be bigger for dick and smaller for Harry. So, customization matters a lot. Deadening upon the industry and scope every business has differing needs. Ensure that your clients should be able to scale their hosting packages to suit their tailor needs. Giving them the maximum say is the key to keeping them happy. Offer them the exact amount of Disk space, bandwidth, and other resources. Be careful while dividing the resources among different clients to ensure that each client gets what it specifically needs.

Regular client’s feedback

Clients don’t have too much time or patience and sometimes they can be unforgiving. There are many instances when the dissatisfied clients would outright switch to another service provider without even complaining. Other clients would rather post the negative reviews on social media that would affect your reputation. So it is a good policy to check whether your customers are satisfied or not. Contact them periodically to get their feedback and respond to both positive and negative feedback reasonably. Ensure that the issues are solved promptly as that would attract clients trust and confidence and would show how much you care about them.

Networking is a broad term

Networking plays a great role to succeed as a reseller. But networking is more than just email marketing or connecting with people on social media. You need a proper solid strategy. Ensure that each single phase of networking should be rewarding for your business. Identify an ideal medium of networking. Some people are great at networking through online mediums. That is also cost effective and much easy. However, others might be great at socializing with people and share a good personal rapport with key personnel of reputed MNCs or huge corporate conglomerates. They would find it easier to spot their potential customers in corporate parties and sell them their services. You may also find the clients at the industry events. In short, you need to ensure the best way of networking that aligns well with your skills and keep a track record of your networking efforts. Monitor it regularly and modify the strategy whenever necessary.