How To Promote Your New Website For Free Or At Zero Cost

A well-designed website s a prerequisite to start earning a good reputation and profits in the digital territory but you also need to promote to make it stand out in the crowd of numerous other websites. Many people have the notion that you should be ready to spend a fortune if you want to promote your site in this highly competitive field. The reality is different. It is not absolutely necessary to hire expensive services for promoting your site. In fact, with a little learning curve, you can independently start promoting your site without any external help. Let us learn a few ways in which you can promote your site for free or almost free:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

You would be pleasantly surprised to know that as opposed to the general notion, SEO is not that difficult and with some learning curve you can handle your site’s SEO independently- without spending a single dollar.

What are best DIY SEO techniques for beginners?

Here are some of the major and ethical SEO techniques and the best thing is there is a relevant tool to make things easier for you:

  • Publishing high-quality content on a regular basis
  • Easy site navigation
  • The volume of high-value Back Links (The external links that referring your site)  
  • High-quality graphics with relevant alt tags
  • Ethically optimized headings with the right formatting


What are some really good SEO tools?

Here are a few good SEO tools that you can trust:

  • HubSpot: CMS, Make Popups, create forms and use chatbots
  • Wordpress: Most trusted and easy CMS to make your site and content look awesome
  • Grammarly: Check your content for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and writing style
  • BuzSumo: Find most trending topics to write about


Email Marketing

If you have (or acquire) the talent of writing compelling sales copies and conveying your written message in an impressive manner then you can expect a great return out of your email marketing campaign that will help your website to acquire loyal audience and eventually assist it in meeting its business objectives.

What are the qualities of good email marketing?

  • Be quick and precise in your message
  • Highlight the precise benefits for the readers
  • Avoid long sentences or dictionary words
  • Use small paragraphs with 3 lines (max) - 1 line statements work wonders
  • Write punchy content with a friendly tone
  • Use CTAs allowing reader to instantly take an action


Regular Blogging

Blogging is the best way to keep your visitors updated and informed. It also gives you a distinct reputation as a subject authority and thus helps in gaining the trust of the visitors. Following the ideal blogging practices can eventually improve your site ranking by encouraging people to stay more on your site. 


What are the best blogging tips to get positive response?

  • Talk with your readers by using a conversation tone
  • Use everyday English that a 6th grader can easily understand
  • Support your content with high-quality graphics
  • Use stats facts and data to support your statements
  • Employ visually appealing charts, graphs and data sets
  • Create blogs around the latest industry events


Posting Guest Blogs on reputed Platforms

One of the major points to consider is that such industry specific blogs/e-magazines are unbiased and carefully approve the blogs on the merit of excellence. So, getting your content approved by a trusted e-magazine/blog of your industry tells people about your capabilities and subject knowledge.

What are best tips to get my guest post approved?

  • Carefully read previous blogs on the website to get an idea of writing style.
  • Avoid direct submission of complete blogs. First, present the pitches.
  • Create a strong and compelling pitch
  • Highlight the major qualifications or achievements that make you a subject expert
  • You can also hire writers with deep experience to help you in the editorial aspect.


Social Media

By wisely using social media you can achieve a huge following that makes more people aware of your products and services thus eventually turn your business into a trusted brand. An immediate benefit is a flourishing and growing healthy community. By wisely engaging with your audience and creating amicable relations with them over social media can also encourage them to share your latest blogs that offer you organic publicity.

What are the best ways to get benefits from social media presence?

  • Regularly post on your social media page
  • Avoid being promotional and focus more on industry issues & user-friendly guides
  • Use well-produced videos and other media to make your posts more appealing
  • Promptly answer the clients’ queries and acknowledge feedbacks/comments – both positive and negative



In order to enjoy a winning edge in the highly competitive digital world, you need to promote your website to gain good visibility and audience. As opposed to the general perspective you don’t always have to invest a good amount to promote your website. In this blog, we have presented some key techniques to promote your site independently without hiring an expensive agency.