How (and to whom) should you sell dot online domain extension?

Domain reselling is the business that is gaining wide popularity because of its low-cost investment, high opportunities and hassles free business processes. There would only be a few other low-cost subscriber businesses in the world allowing you to earn a lifestyle income without recruiting a huge team, or possessing specific technical knowledge. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop growing or experimenting. In fact, the domain reselling business allows you to keep on experimenting constantly. For instance you can try selling an ever increasing portfolio of new extensions like .Media, .Artist or .Shopping. If you want to start tentatively then you can start with Dot Online domain extension. It combines freshness yet retains the wholesome goodness of generic name.

You can gear up your income opportunities by introducing this new domain extension to your inventory. Try Dot Online, seriously! It can help you to enhance your sales opportunities while widening your client base. Would you like to have some ideas on how to pitch Dot Online domain name to your clients? Here are a few ideas on which you should base your sales pitch/strategy/communication while selling Dot Online extension. These sales pitch ideas will help you a great way to getting the positive response:

Here are a few of them:

It sounds fresh yet generic

In the recent years, a number of generic domain names have seen a huge popularity due to their relevant approach that highlights the profile of a certain website and emphasizes on the specialty. For example .Design for a designing company, .Pizza for a pizza outlet or .Media for Media Company. However, these terms have a narrow focus. For instance, you can approach only Pizza outlets for selling a.Pizza domain extension. Dot Online not only sounds fresh but also has a generic approach. That is why it can be used for diverse industries. You can sell dot online domain extension to an author, an eatery, a superstore or even to a self-professional. Its generic yet fresh appeal can help you find the clients easily.

A great choice for personal websites

Instead of limiting your marketing efforts to the businesses, you can also approach people looking for a personal website to showcase their personality. Whether one is an accomplished writer or an aspiring superstar, s/he would like to showcase the talents, skills, and personality to the world through their personal website. Dot Online extension emphasizes on something current and hence, it will appeal to the individuals interested in creating their personal website.

Business believes in figures

Though all the above-stated factors establish the prime position enjoyed by dot online domain extension, a proper research is never concluded without facts and figures. So, let us see how this domain extension performs in this aspect. It has already been sold to at least Seven Hundred and Fifty thousand buyers across the globe and it shows the popularity of the extension. High figures generally attract the buyers. Emphasizing on sales point can have a positive effect on the potential buyers.

Meaning does matter

Another less discussed but equally important concern while selling new age domain extension is that it should have a universal meaning. A website owner invests a considerable amount to get the Page-1 position in search results and the last thing he would like is to confuse a visitor just because of the domain extensions in another language. Some of the internet terms are commonly used and understood across the globe and Online is one of the most popular internet terms. So, it is not an alien term for any country of the globe.

Aligns with visitors psychology

There is a certain equation between the effect of words and the time available to the readers. Lack of time invariably increases the effect of the words as the reader pays attention to multiple aspects of a single word. The breezing speed of internet has made the netizens impatient. Besides, the life has become very fast. Once landed on the search results page the netizens like to get to the most appropriate site. So they are quickly affected by the connotation of the words. Dot Online has a positive connotation that will certainly help your clients’ urls to gain quick clicks.