Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Cpanel Resources (Well, Almost!)

Due to the easy graphical interface, automation tools, and user-friendly design, the Linux-based cPanel is widely used for maintaining web hosting accounts. The efficiency of your cPanel account is determined by the availability of resources. These resources include CPU, RAM, and I/O etc. Let us see the vital role played by these resources and how to determine if you have the required ideal amount of these resources to smoothly run your site

CPU is actually the total number of CPUs allocated to your account for request processing. It processes a number of requests including but not limited to:
•    Data Loading into RAM
•    Script Processing 
•    Content Delivery
•    Writing Databases 
Hence we see that the CPUs form the foundation of the website and play a decisive role in determining the capacity of other resources.

Good to Know
•    Some of the major factors that may possibly increase the CPU requirements are:
•    PHP Scripts
•    Database Interaction
•    Frequent instances of High Traffic
•    Themes, Add-ons, and other resource-hungry elements 


RAM, here stands for the memory of your web server that plays a vital role in the entire ecosystem. RAM or Random Access Memory plays a decisive role in influencing the speed, hard disk space management, and overall site performance.

Good to know
•    By loading website data into RAM you can effectively enhance the loading speed
•    Your CPU does have to overwork by frequently retrieving data from the hard disk
•    Having more RAM prevents your CPU from having to retrieve data from the hard disk as often
•    If you notice the frequent 500 or 503 errors you should seriously think about increasing your Ram 
•    Poor configuration of add-ons or codes that hog up the available memory may also increase the RAM requirements. In such case, you need the specialized professional services for identifying the real problem and mending it.


When used in the context of a website the IO stands for data transfer speed between the hard disk and RAM required for best hosting experience. It is a no-brainer that higher the speed, better the performance of your site. An insufficient amount will result in hanging your site while it waits for the data to be transferred from the hard disk to the RAM. Thus it can spoil the User experience. 

Good to know
•    Data load and Data interaction are 2 major factors that can tell you about the ideal requirement of IO for your website. The light, static website or the ones with a few simple forms would not require a large I.O. 
•    However, if your site mainly relies upon reading/writing data, streams media or is filled with numerous database records you would need to enhance the I/O for the optimal user experience, 


The precise definition of files may be a bit lengthy and could use the essential technical jargon but here is its simplest version
File usage represents the number of nodes in an account. An inode is a term used by Linux-based system referring to pieces of data. No. of Inodes = No. Of files + No of directories. 

Good to know
•    The number of files or inodes depends upon using more directories/files on your hosting account hosting account 
•    However, if you notice that you exceed the file usage without any apparent reason you should immediately seek a professional help it is very likely that an add-on or script is multiplying files or subdirectory to your account.   



Entry Processes 
Entry process refers to the connection that can be processed simultaneously by your account. Visitors form only a part of multiple factors that constitute the entry processes. The other factors are:
•    Data delivery through HTTP
•    Data Transfers via Ssh
•    Processing of cron job 
Due to the very nature, the number keeps on changing according to the length of time. For example, the visitor on your site requests!

Good to know
•    Technically speaking it is the number of PHP scripts running simultaneously on your account. For example, if homepage that took .2 second to load while than it will only be considered till the homepage loads. In other words, only the running processes are counted.
•    The 508 error tells you that you need to increase your websites entry processes to offer the best user experience 


cPanel is regarded as the most preferable hosting panel for the beginners as well as the seasoned clients. It is easy to manage and comes with extended capabilities. However, in order to enjoy the maximum potential of cPanel, you should know the exact resource requirements. This blog presents the comprehensive resource guide that will help you get the most of your cPanel hosting panel and choose the best configuration!