The best WordPress hosting guide: Advantages and relevance for you -Part 2

In the last blog, we read about how to choose an ideal WordPress hosting for you. This post will be dedicated to the benefits offered by WordPress hosting

Maximum business benefits

  • The WordPress hosting utilizes CDN or content delivery networks to maintain the fast speed of your site. It not only enriches the user experience but also impacts your rankings.

  • The sophisticated system utilized by Content Delivery Networks ensures that your site should enjoy the uniformly fast speed irrespective of the geographical location of your viewers

  • The reduced latency builds a regular stream of the audience with repeated visits. Apart from enhancing the speed, the CDN networks are also architected to offer you better protection against various cyber attacks

  • Updating WordPress CMS is the major prerequisite if you wish to enjoy the advantages of the latest features. However, the process could seem to be somewhat complicated for non-technical business clients.

  • With the help of specific managed WordPress hosting these updates are managed by your service provider who updates your CMS immediately when new updates are announced

Best security

The managed WordPress hosting is maintained by fully competent professionals holding in-depth knowledge as well as experience. It ensures that these services adhere to the highest codes of the security

  • Creating the required firewalls for your platform and managing them on a regular basis can play a great role in your site security.

  • Due to their dynamic heavy duty structure, the WordPress hosting plans save your site from the intrusion of nasty elements like hackers, bots etc.

  • The client's sites are highly influenced by the security ecosystem for their web platform. The platform with weak security can be infected with malware or attacked by hackers

  • The malware affects the users as they visit the platform thus hurting their websites too.

  • When the search engines identify the vulnerable security of your site, they can not only send your site down several not but may also de-list it completely.

Best support

As the entire team of unmanaged WordPress hosting fully concentrates on WordPress, they are the best persons to resolve the specific problems related to the hosting environment for your WordPress site.

  • They expertise in WordPress specific queries and thus you can expect to get the best purpose-specific solutions to your queries

Controls Downtime

Downtime can be outright detrimental to your website. However, reputed providers offer wordpress hosting with 99.99% uptime guarantee along with a higher amount of flexibility when it comes to storage space.

  • The unlimited storage space offers you the best solution to take care of storage issues during different phases of your website

Best backups and restoration functionality

One of the greatest nightmares of a website owner is to lose the website data and files. However, the managed WordPress hosting not only promises reliable backup service but an immediate system restoration at the times of unpleasant situations.


  • The extended redundancies well as maximum data recovery even during unexpected incidences makes managed WordPress hosting the best choice for you.
  • The managed WordPress hosting offers you the backup services even during the odd hours like 2 AM! Considering the fact that the odd hours are generally preferred by the hackers this feature can play a vital role in saving your site from hackers.

Better traffic management

One of the most important requirements for a good website is to manage its traffic confidently without affecting the user experience. How competently your hosting provider manages traffic requirements plays an important role in determining the success of your site.

  • The managed WordPress hosting plans are managed in the cloud that offers the instant availability of resources to take perfect care of the sudden spikes in traffic

Easy to be deployed

The managed WordPress hosting packages take only a few minutes to be deployed. It is a really welcome feature particularly considering the fact that the traditional set up might take as long as couples of the days.

  • It helps to reduce the setup time thus invariably allocating more resources to the project time for developing the web-based projects and set them up.
  • Easy and intuitive steps
  • As all the maintenance or management associated with physical server or site is managed by your WordPress hosting provider you can simply enjoy the elevated features with plug and play steps.
  • The pre-installed themes, as well as the plug-ins, are also managed by the cloud-based solution providers.

Better control over budget and resources

As you are charged as per the use you have a better control over your budget and resources.

  • It saves you from buying the unnecessary quantities of data storage and hardware devices.

  • As the managed WordPress hosting is comfortably supporting the high traffic without compromising with the experience it is highly preferred by many large-scale businesses who want to offer the best experience to visitors irrespective of the fluctuating traffic levels.

Besides the resource-hungry activities like management monitoring, network traffic and optimizing different aspects of WordPress hosting are outsourced to the team of experienced professionals when you opt for managed WordPress hosting plans.