Get The Weapon To Fight The Cyber Attackers, Boldly! Make Them Wanna Cry!

The attacks can never be a cause of celebration. However, the case of the recent spate of cyber attacks is a bit different. They can actually be called blessings in disguise in the future, keeping in mind that the future of IT security will experience even more difficult times courtesy next age attacks, advanced technologies and more demanding attackers. However, as per the famous lines of Oscar Wilde “What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” So on a positive side, the present cyberattacks can be the best way to recognize the potential scope of such attacks in the near future and equip ourselves in a better way. There are a number of AI tools that can help us with that. Here are a few lessons that the major attacks of 2018 have taught us:

Attackers may be hiding in your office

The most sophisticated attacks need deep penetration and it is far easier for people with privileges to penetrate that deep into the digital infrastructure of a company. So you should be especially concerned about anyone with the privilege to enter deep into your digital infrastructure and yes, it includes top-level management too.

  • It is important to be very judicious while distributing access rights to your staff. Be a miser. In a positive light, miser actually means a spender who is wiser.
  • Outright denial of privileged access would be stunting your own growth. What you need is the strategic and streamlined approach where each instance of usage can be audited. You should have a proper ecosystem to manage and monitor such users effectively.
  • You need to take some stringent preventive measures. Don’t hesitate to include penalties for misuse of such accounts.
  • Most of the times there is a blurred line between misuse and negligence. Hence, it would be wise on your part to have the penalties for negligence too because in either case, your business will be at the receiving end.
  • You need to choose the tools that are really relevant to you. Even the best tools fail to perform if they don’t fit well into the security gaps of your workflow.
  • In order to decide the best tools for your company, you need to be aware of the capabilities, functionality, and scope of various tools to prevent cyber attacks.


Best tools to fight vulnerabilities

There are a number of tools and techniques that can help your company to prevent your website from cyber attacks. Wisely utilizing these tools and techniques can be the best way to enjoy the maximum protection. Here are a few of them:



The major concern for any corporation is to prevent the attack from affecting the server of a company. In fact, a server can be compared to the fort that protects important assets and crucial data. CloudFlare is an excellent tool to offer the required protection on this front.

  • Its advanced version can soak up the intensity of attack even before it reaches to the server. There are several levels of Cloudflare to offer varying degrees of security.
  • Among its peers, CloudFlare claims a distinct identity and its clients include the names like NASDAQ, MIT, and even Cisco.


F5 Networks

Clever attackers generally take advantage of size when targeting a large prey. F5 Networks Silverline possesses the adequate capability to scrub the traffic thus impede high volume networks before they arrive at your business network.

  • It can offer onsite, cloud-based or hybrid protection depending upon the specific clients’ requirements.
  • The after sales services of the company are also excellent and precisely helpful.


Black Lotus

One of the major things to notice is that many SMEs would not like to invest separately in protecting their servers. However, in order to inculcate this fair practice, their online infrastructure provider can advise them to use the relevant security products. That can be called a win-win situation where the clients get better security while the IT infrastructure provider can enhance their revenue possibilities.

  • Black Lotus is the offer while labeling security solutions to hosting providers that can further be resold to the end users.
  • The tool works on the innovative human behavior analysis technology in order to identify the human behavior and offer dynamic, evolving solutions to the clients.


Reason Core

While almost all the reputed company’s use powerful antivirus, the technically advanced viruses are able to pass through the meshes of most stringent security nets. So you need a real-time, versatile and multilayer approach so that every single instance of possible attack is scrutinized closely. Reason Core Security is the perfect solution for that.

  • It is mainly aimed at cloud-based scans and is able to evolve to prevent the recent attacks effectively.
  • Many times the malware are wrapped in adware extensions. Reason Core Security offers the best protection to your browser against adware extensions.
  • Its lightweight and smooth operations are not heavy on your system either. It can prevent the unwanted program being installed on your system.


AntiHacker tool

An AntiHacker tool is a free tool that prevents the hackers from crossing eh threshold of your cybersecurity. In fact, it combines the multiple window security issue to design a multifaceted capability.

  • It can disable the vulnerabilities associated with run as administrators and detoxify the privacy of your computer from cyber pollutants.
  • Its advanced system allows it to efficiently identify the keyloggers, removing them and blocking specific spams.



In recent years the instances of cyber attacks have been increasing rapidly. So, it is wise to learn from the present cyberattacks and start fortifying your website security so as to offer it the maximum safety against any sophisticated attacks. You need to develop a futuristic approach to enhance the overall security of your website. This blog presents the best ways to augment the security of your site against the latest cyber attacks.