Are your customers angry with your service? Here’ the remedy!

Customers play the vital role in success of any business and you cannot afford to infuriate your customers. It can hurt your reputation and diminish your brand credibility over a period of time. Especially when you provide the subscription based services like web hosting services there is no way you can offer 100% customer satisfaction always. There are instances when you get complaints from the customers and many times they may get angry. If you know how to tackle the angry clients then you can effectively prevent the client erosion. Acquiring clients is an expensive activity and losing them is a real loss to the business. So, here are a few tips on how to pacify an angry client and prevent him from exiting your list

Quick Apology

Quick response is the best thing that you can offer your customer instantly. It doesn’t help to evaluate the situation before offering an apology. It is even worse to defend yourself. The customer is angry. You failed to deliver something that you promised- or that is what the customer thinks. Now any resistance from your side would make the things worse. You don’t have to keep quiet either. Just offer a quick “Sorry”. It soothes the ego of the client and prepares him to start regaining his mental composure before it is too late. But this one word is not enough. You also need to sympathise with the clients and show that you are concerned for them and genuinely feel bad that they had to face the inconvenience. Remember, you have only soothed the ego of your client. Now you need to calm him down. Offer him some peace of heart. Assure him that your executives will promptly look into the matter and come back with precise solution. Offering some peace-making deal like discounts or free services can also help you a great way here. Better still start looking into the matter then and there and ask the client to give you the details so that you can start working practical on the same.

Tracking complaints

Logging complaints can help you to carry a detailed analysis on the type of complaint, going to its roots and take necessary steps to prevent the similar complaints in the future. However, you need to convey it to the customer support team that the tracking is not means to micro-monitor their performance but to design essential preventive measures by analyzing the complaints. It will help you take effective measures to prevent complaints in the future. Fewer complaints reflect on reputation of the business and can help you get better reviews in unbiased review platforms. Besides, you will be able to utilize the time in enhancing user experience rather than pacifying the angry customers. There area a number of auditing and track software available in the market that can be used for the purpose.

Reward Programs for performers

One of the best ways to handle the complaints efficiently is to motivate your staff with performance based rewards. A good reward program can help your customer executives to do their job more sincerely and keep you updated with the latest developments. It will also encourage them to implement the complaint response training techniques while handling the complaints. You should have a practically designed rewards program for the executives who are able to pacify the angry clients with their communication and prompt resolution skills.

Sound Personal

Adding a personal touch to your communication always helps. It breaks the barrier of professional walls. A few simple tips can make you sound nice without too many efforts on your part. For example you can use their first name instead of a formal Sir, Ma’am, Mr. or Mrs. It brings a sense of familiarity. Likewise you should use the tone that sound more personal than professional. Them. For example instead of saying “We apologize for the inconvenience caused”, you can say “I am really sorry you had to go through a tough time.” Appropriate voice modulation also offers a personal character to your statements. Your objective is to make the client think of you as a person who understands and sympathize with the inconvenience your client has gone through, and not just professionals who is just offering the formal services. However, always remember that your objective is not to linger long on these things. Sound sweet and short and immediately take client to the next level- resolution.