7 ways to discourage cyber-attackers in 2018

During the end of 2017 we saw a considerable rise in hacking and other security threats for the websites. Even many high end MNCs sites were attacked while the happy story for Indian start-ups getting lavish funding form venture capitalist have also attracted the hackers to hack even new, start-up websites. It is also predict that the new software and tools will further empower the hackers in 2018. So you need to be a few steps ahead of your competitors on different fronts to offer best user experience. By blending some basic wisdom, apps and secured ecosystem the websites can be protected from reined attacks. Here are a few things that can help you safeguards your site

Avoid saving unnecessary customer data

The hackers can only steal the information that you have stored on your website. So it is recommendable not to store any key information of your customers like their credit card number, account details or login credentials. In the case of site invasion the hackers can get hold of this information and misuse the same for their own vested interests thus risking your customers’ security.


Especially if you are running an ecommerce site you need to be very cautious while designing the checkout as it is the most crucial juncture of your site where the client shares their vital information. Encrypting can go a long way in shielding the security of the customer’s data. Going through the encrypted pathway could add to the inconvenience but it adds a thick layer of security to vital information like credit card number.

SSL to encrypt

It is extremely important to use encryption when you exchange key information or sensitive data over the internet. Beside her encryption systems keep on introducing new versions. As the hackers get smarter they are able to crack the through the security net of enroot systems. Hence newer versions are released after patching the identified leaked security leaks. So you should also ensure that you are using the latest version of encrypting system in order to prevent the sophisticated hackers from taking benefits of the loopholes or finding the loose gaps.

Frequent health checkups for e-commerce security

For example even the highly sophisticated SSL certificate was found to have a loophole when SSL 3.0 and 2.0 were thoroughly checked. Those versions were prone to Poodle attack

The retailers are required to follow a set of guidelines and thoroughly test their ecommerce sites to confirm if the present ecosystem aligns with the latest minimum standards for security, though mandatory that is only the basic requirements that are insufficient to efficiently protect your site against sophisticated hackers.

Security standards compliance

As a retailer rowing an ecommerce site you need to comply with the security standards as laid down by Credit card companies. However that is the basic requirements. You need to design your own advanced guidelines to make your site immune to sophisticated hacking or attacks. It is very important to keep an eye on your site health and check if it has been infected by hackers. Scan your website on a regular basis to check if any malware, virus or malicious bots have been injected into the third party content uploaded on your website.

Hackers are getting smarter day by day and checking on a basic level is not enough you need a thorough multifaceted scanning of your website to look for vulnerabilities. Depending upon the type and size of your business it could be a good option to hire professionals like professional cyber security experts or ethical hackers to find vulnerable spots of your code and providing efficient solution for the same in the form of patches, automated alerts etc. Human endeavours cannot said to be 100% error free. So, it is also recommendable to go for the automated apps that can provide a whole range of tasks for finding identifying and informing about any vulnerability.

Eliminate risky software that jeopardizes online security

While java Adobe Flash Player and other Media Apps do add to the appeal of your site these apps age also more vulnerable to attacks. Using HTML 5 or equivalent web development code is highly recommendable here. In case using Adobe Flash Player or java is inevitable then ensue that you should be punctual at updating his software and conduct a thorough security check on periodical basis.

Protect your network

Ensure that your network ecosystem follow the best level of partition to keep it well guarded form the public access. You need exclusive quarantine capabilities your links should also be monitored one frequent basis to ensure that they don’t become the soft target for sophisticated attackers.

It is highly recommendable not to share the same network with your business associates that includes sensitive data of your customer. Any networks containing business sensitive data should be on a separate island. Besides you need a multilayered security. Each layer should have separate sets of permissions and access management process. The access complexity for security gateways corresponds to the importance of the data then they lead to.