5 Reasons Why Should You Invest In SSD VPS Cloud Hosting Now

In order to enjoy a great online reputation, you need to ensure that your online visitors feel happy while browsing your site. Any drop in performance or latency in loading can annoy them and eventually affects your digital impact in a negative manner. There are multiple ways to boost website speed. However, in most of the cases, you just need to buy hosting plan that can deliver a better speed and availability.

Buying dedicated server hosting plans are too expensive to be afforded by small businesses or even medium enterprises. So, we will not discuss that option here.

You can buy Virtual private server hosting in order to get the dedicated supply of resources that enhance the performance or if you need to ensure availability during peak times then you may benefit from the scalability of cloud server hosting. For speed, you can buy SSD hosting plan. But the major issue is that you need all these qualities- speed, stability, and availability- in a single plan. Thankfully, there is an innovative hosting package in the market. When you buy the SSD VPS Cloud hosting plan (Yes, that’s the name!), you get the combined benefit of speed, scalability, and availability along with great performance. But is it the best choice for your business? What are the exact advantages of SSD VPS Cloud Hosting?

Let us check the business benefits that make it a wise decision to purchase SSD VPS Cloud hosting package for your business website:

No fear of physical damage or tedious process

The traditional hosting plans depend on tedious processes as they are powered by HDD. Besides the limited availability of resources and sharing of common resource pool further affects the performance. Due to the mechanical substances, the HDD not only needs a significant amount of power but is also prone to physical damage. More importantly, the very functionality of HDD depends upon the mechanical movements that are a tedious and slow process. Hence, HDD makes your website slow.

  • However, the SSD is made of strong microchips and there are comparatively very fewer chances of physical damage.
  • Besides, the SSD’s functionality promotes fast processing and it can add tons of speed to your website.
  • While SSD will make your site faster the availability of VPS and cloud efficiency will make it perform even better.
  • You will not only enjoy the better availability and also enhances the overall user experience but also get the dedicated resource supply due to VPS.
  • The cloud efficiency will offer the much-needed scalability and stabilize the load by sharing it across multiple servers.


70% better speed along with stable performance

Unlike HDD there is no disk spinning involved in the overall process of SSD technology and thus it eliminates the unnecessary delay. Thus, SSD can boost the data transfer speed and that helps your website elements to load faster

  • While many times it is claimed that the SSD can make your website 20X faster it is true in the most ideal cases
  • However, even if your website is fairly heavy then you can expect a boost of around 70% in your website speed
  • Additionally, if you buy SSD Virtual private server hosting you get an additional benefit of availability and performance
  • Thus, you can expect a perfect blend of speed, performance, and availability that significantly boosts the user experience
  • As such you can expect better loyalty and a regular stream of the audience. 


Power related issues resolved with added efficiency

Due to the tedious mechanical functionality, the HDD uses a lot of power. In contrast, SSD utilizes microchips for data storage that does not involve any physical movements. It also saves a significant amount of power consumed during the physical movements.

  • Moreover, the power failure does not have any impact on the stored elements that enhance the overall availability.
  • Consumption of less power and almost no chances of data loss even during power cut instances are the two major business advantages of SSD hosting over HDD hosting.
  • When you buy SSD VPS Cloud hosting you gets the additional benefit of the more cost-efficient model with a better RoI possibility.
  • The cloud hosting enhances the probability of availability even during demanding situations like technical failures and outages.
  • Likewise, the dedicated resources offered by virtual private servers perfectly complete the required trio of performance, stability and blazing fast speed.


Perfectly 3X support to support your growing website

Another major limitation of traditional hosting powered by HDD technology is the limited availability of space that impacts the storage of data once your site outgrows the existing capacity of HDD. However, the massive space availability on SSD hosting relieves you from such situations. A business is regarded as an ever-growing entity and thus the SSD helps you a great way right from the initial journey to the next phases of evolution.

  • Besides, the traffic spikes are also managed in a more efficient manner due to enhanced disk management that makes sits to offer stable performance even during traffic spikes.
  • So when you buy SSD VPS Cloud hosting you doesn’t only enjoy the stability of SSD but also get the more effective due to the Cloud and VPS.
  • Better stability along with higher speed and lack of downtimes makes your site shine as a power-packed digital property.

Saves power, dollars and eliminates unnecessary hoarding of resources

The conventional hosting plans may compel you to buy redundant resources in order to maintain the performance during outages. However, you need to invest extra dollars for the extra amount of resources that you seldom use. Besides, they are powered by traditional HDD technology uses loads of power for running due to the mechanical processes. However, SSD technology does not involve any mechanical processes or tedious functionalities. That is why it uses a significantly less amount of power. Thus purchasing SSD hosting plan is a more environmentally friendly option and makes a preferable choice for eco-conscious clients. It is assumed that you can save as much as 80% of power when you use SSD instead of HDD technology.

  • You can also add to your overall benefits with the help of VPS hosting that helps you to economize your resources by wise rationing
  • Additionally, the cloud ecosystem delivers you the much needed extra resources quite instantly and thus saves you from buying a large number of resources that are used very rarely.



In order to enjoy a good reputation online and get better ranking, you need to deliver appreciable user experience. Speed, stability, and availability are three major aspects that determine the user experience. This blog tells about the innovative SSD VPS cloud hosting package that reduces costs, multiplies productivity and adds to your business benefits. In short, it offers you cheap virtual private server hosting that is blended with cloud and SSD for the additional benefit of sped and scalability.